Welcome to Barbara's "art" blog. I create artworks that range from small to large, from somewhat eerie to very joyous. Most of my works come straight from my imagination; I use my experiences and filter them through my brain. Soometimes I try to sit back and watch my hands create, and enjoy the process almost as a spectator. Eventually, though, my more technical side comes out to correct the spontaneous one, and the two compromise.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pamphlet created in Photoshop

Working in digital media with Photoshop software elicits an entirely different type of end product. Because this was done for commercial needs rather than creative only, it is much more structured than my "usual" work. Playing around with color, layers, transparencies and overlapping shapes is challenging. The end product should be different from that produced by the readily available templates provided by software. Each pamphlet or business card I design is created with the client's needs in mind and with a creative eye.

The dog's name is "Cappy" and is the pet of Dr. Nadine Hackman who runs the Vet Program at Harcum. I took the picture in Nadine's office, after moving away some clutter (and they say that artists produce clutter!). The students are in Harcum's program; the girl in the back is supposed to be studying Vet material on-line.