Welcome to Barbara's "art" blog. I create artworks that range from small to large, from somewhat eerie to very joyous. Most of my works come straight from my imagination; I use my experiences and filter them through my brain. Soometimes I try to sit back and watch my hands create, and enjoy the process almost as a spectator. Eventually, though, my more technical side comes out to correct the spontaneous one, and the two compromise.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Teachers Can Relate to This Collage-check it out!

Everyone who has ever taught will recognize the characters in this collage about teachers and their students.
The teacher is trying very hard to present an interesting lecture (yes, of course physics can be very interesting...). The student on the left holds the chalk, ready to come up to the black board and fill in an equation if she is asked. The student on the right is very busy inspecting her nail polish job, which she began right as the teacher began her lecture. Ah! Such a great nail polish job. Not such a great job on her upcoming exam though....
This collage was so much fun to put together. I only had a vague sense of where I was going with it when I started, but when I finished, I really liked this one.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pamphlet created in Photoshop

Working in digital media with Photoshop software elicits an entirely different type of end product. Because this was done for commercial needs rather than creative only, it is much more structured than my "usual" work. Playing around with color, layers, transparencies and overlapping shapes is challenging. The end product should be different from that produced by the readily available templates provided by software. Each pamphlet or business card I design is created with the client's needs in mind and with a creative eye.

The dog's name is "Cappy" and is the pet of Dr. Nadine Hackman who runs the Vet Program at Harcum. I took the picture in Nadine's office, after moving away some clutter (and they say that artists produce clutter!). The students are in Harcum's program; the girl in the back is supposed to be studying Vet material on-line.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Different media force different styles

This is a collage-that is obvious at first glance. I love the way the various media that artists use to work in effect so much change in the style of the finished piece. Were I to paint this scene in acrylic on canvas, it would look so different that it would look as if a different person created the two pieces. For this reason, I think its so important to vary size, media, and time limits for your artistic output. You discover things about your art that wouldn't be possible by sticking to the same size and media all of the time. When you return to your series of same size, same media, I think there is a new richness to these pieces.
I hope you can appreciate the humor in all of the works that I produce, even the ones not intentionally humorous...