Welcome to Barbara's "art" blog. I create artworks that range from small to large, from somewhat eerie to very joyous. Most of my works come straight from my imagination; I use my experiences and filter them through my brain. Soometimes I try to sit back and watch my hands create, and enjoy the process almost as a spectator. Eventually, though, my more technical side comes out to correct the spontaneous one, and the two compromise.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Orchestra Concert

This painting is quite large, and was entertaining to paint. The faces of the audience, in particular, reflect the gamut of feelings that individuals have as they listen and soak in the atmosphere of the music. Some like it, and some just don't. I enjoy creating works that do not exist and never have existed in reality. It's a challenge to figure out your viewpoint, and of course that can change as you paint. Like the cubist, the artist can shift the viewpoint to reflect how she thinks the musician might best be rendered. In the end, I go for the liveliness and try to create the feeling that you just might want to be there. I particularly like the faces of the audience.