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Saturday, January 30, 2010

An Interesting Perspective on Men and Cigars

This is a painting of a group of people crammed into a small space having an interesting discussion.  The female is a violinist at this black tie affair; a note of color.

I had fun with perspective in this painting. The top-down approach added anote of humor, as we are able to see the balding patterns of these distinguished men. The feet are intentionally small, and the focus is on the cigars and hands.

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Darrelyn said...


Thanks for your lovely comments on my French Theatre box. I'm so glad I came to your blog - I especially love this piece! It feels so right - I can almost hear the conversation and smell cigar smoke! Your jewelry is also very intriguing; I'd love to have some in my jewelry box - maybe when I have "disposable" income once again - haha. I love the wedding pin and the flowery earrings with dangles. Mixing art eras/styles is very appealing to me; I want to experiment with that myself. Enough of my rambling - thank you again!