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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

That's What I Like About Art!

I have friends whose art is so stunningly painted from reality that you try to reach out and touch the fruit just to see if it is not, by some chance, real. It is magical that their artwork represents reality so beautifully.

I do not try to represent reality in my work. For the most part, these scenes do not exist until I make them up. It's wonderful that artists can make up and share their own worlds with an audience. So, while I appreciate the wonder of a beautifully painted landscape that transports you somewhere, it's not something that I am driven to paint or draw.

 They have asked me how I invent my ideas and carry them from my mind to the artwork. I don't know! I take for granted that what I know of reality can be changed and mingled with what does not exist, and appear together convincingly on canvas. And that is what I like about art!

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